WCP Models Series

Water Cooled-package Air Conditioners Models Series

Sabro water-cooled self-contained air conditioners are single packaged air conditioners. These units are factory charged, tested and internally wired for rapid installation.The only work required at installation site is to mount the unit at place, connect the ducting, electric supply, drain connection & cooling tower piping system. These units are designed for installation inside the building either in a plant room or directly in conditioned space. The unit consists of compressor, condenser shell, evaporator coil, evaporator fan & motor and all other necessary electrical as well refrigeration controls which are equipped with accessories. These units are designed to provide maximum efficiency at tropical conditions.

If requird, the units can be provided with electric duct heater arrangements in supply ducting, as optional feature.

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Mini WCP Models Series

The Mini Water Cooled Packaged Air Conditioners are designed for installation within the conditioned room. The heat of conditioned room is removed through condenser water by means of a cooling tower. The use of cooling tower is essential with these units.
SABRO mini water cooled packaged air conditioners are available in 6 capacities i.e. 6000-32000.The major advantage of these units is to install in a multi story building with a number of offices. The individual unit is installed in each room as per requirement and connected to a central cooling tower by means of water piping.
This arrangement allows in individual to operate the unit/ maintain the temperature as per desired. This effective arrangement ensures controlled electricity arrangement. These units are ideal for use in Offices, Shopping Arcades, Departmental Stores, Restrains, Hospitals and other multi story buildings.
SABRO mini water cooled packaged air conditioners are equipped with internally spring mounted compressor's .Additionally, the casing of compressor is covered with insulating material to isolate the compressor's sound. The truly balanced centrifugal evaporator fans also results in lower sound level.
All of this is to reduce the operation noise of unit, to its minimum.

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