Risen PV Solar Panels-Quality Tier 1- Domestic/Commercial Applications

Commercial/Domestic Solar Panels.

BE OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS: Sabro corporate Islamabad has recently introduced Risen Solar Panels (High Performance Poly crystalline Module). Risen Solar Panels feature advanced cells that produce high efficiency.

Risen Solar is a quality Tier 1 manufacturer.


  • Risen Solar Panels have the most advanced cell equipment in the industry

  • Risen Energy has been in business for more than 12 years, as a professional manufacturer and energy solution provider. This company is listed in the China Growth Enterprise Market

  • Risen Energy is a Tier 1 Solar Company

  • Risen is backed by 3rd Party Insurer, Chubb

  • Risen solar panels offer the most advanced cell equipment on the industry. This ensures the high efficiency of the solar cells

  • The Risen solar panels have passed the German TUV Certification Tests, the National Grade Test and Reliability Laboratory which cover all test items of UL1703 and IEC61215/61730 (UL, CE and MSC certifications)

  • Risen's entire manufacture process is fully automated, from the welding to the power test in the module line. This is to maintain the highest quality and reliability

  • Risen is one of a small number of solar panel manufacturers that offer third party insurance in relation to the performance guarantees offered with their solar panels. This insurance is provided by a leader in the insurance industry, CHUBB

  • -12 year product guarantee

  • -12 year production warranty of 90%, 25 year warranty of 82% on the Risen solar panels power output and are insured by the six main Chinese insurance companies.

    ‘’Risen Energy is a Chinese manufacturer of quality tier 1 solar

    Untitledpanels that have a 12 year product warranty rather than the 10 years that is standard for the industry. Their panels are certified as corrosion resistant which makes them suitable for installation anywhere in rugged environs.

    Risen Energy to date produces panels with efficiencies of up to 17.3%. They all have a 12 year product warranty which covers them if they fail due to a fault in manufacturing. In addition they have a 25 year performance warranty.
    Risen Energy Is A Prolific Producer Of Solar Products. They are one of the higher quality Chinese manufacturers with A Reliable Brand Name. Independent testing has shown their panels can perform extremely well and they back their products with an above average 12 year product warranty.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: individual/party intending to buy our solar panels can be given both provisions, either they can buy solar panels(US$ 0.55/watt) or they can be served with full package i.e. solar panels + batteries + inverters + installation charges for completion of their respective projects .

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