We have a vast array of products to meet your temperature, humidity and ventilation needs. From self-contained units and split systems to water-source heat-pumps and packaged rooftops; every one is designed to provide cost-effective reliability and comfort. Our units incorporate many factory-installed features that increase system flexibility and reduce design and installation time. And, our unitary system has dedicated digital controls that support intelligent feedback to maximize efficiency by minimizing energy requirements and allowing ongoing monitoring of system performance.

A unitary system combines heating, cooling, and fan sections all in one or a few assemblies for simplified application and installation and are used in most classes of buildings, from schools to offices to retail, particularly where low initial cost and simplified installation are important. Because you should expect more out of your building systems than just hot and cold air, our commercial unitary system features integrated controls engineered to create the best possible comfort environment for your investment.

  • Unitary Air-Conditioner is one or more factory-made assemblies ordinarily including an evaporator or cooling coil(s), compressor(s), and condenser(s) and may include a heating function.

  • Air-Source Unitary Heat Pump is one or more factory-made assemblies ordinarily including an evaporator or cooling coil(s), compressors(s), condenser(s), and a heating function.

  • Single Packaged System is a system in which all components are integrated into one cabinet.

  • Split System is a system in which components are provided in separate assemblies but are designed to be used together.

    All of our commercial units and systems, from 1.5 tons through 200 tons(Customized manufacture above 200 tons), are designed to address today’s comfort demands, superior indoor air quality, straightforward installation and minimized energy consumption. Dedicated digital controls enable the use of building management systems to allow for efficient operation and system monitoring to ensure performance to design.

    Sabro’s split systems have quality and reliability built-in. An indoor section and matching outdoor section are connected by refrigerant tubing (hence the name "split").

    We have self-contained systems designed specifically for renovation as well as for new construction. All of our products are designed to provide years of reliable, efficient, and quiet operation.



    Just because we’re a company of engineers doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate simplicity. In fact, Sabro has been helping to design simple, efficient unitary HVAC systems for decades. Whether your application is a small, simple building or a complex campus or national network of buildings, we can provide the knowledge & support to reduce your design & installation time. Our access to a full portfolio of self-contained units, split systems, water-source heat pumps and packaged rooftops ensures you get the best system for your application.

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