Cabinet Type Fresh Air Unit

FAU Models Series

In most cases the need for ventilation air is achieved by the addition of air makeup unit. Air makeup unit is essential for building mechanical operation as well the health and comfort of its occupants.
Sabro fresh air unit(Air Makeup Unit) are designed to supply outdoor filtered air for mechanical ventilation and to full fill fresh air need for the occupants.
The basic fresh air unit(Air Makeup Unit) consists of centrifugal fans and washable filters. It can be supplied with air cooling and heating system. For high efficiency filtration, the unit can be supplied with angular filters and bag filters etc.
The fresh air unit can be installed either on rooftop, ground-level or inside the building with duct system.
The units are available in different fan arrangements. The fan arrangement can be selected according to site requirement and duct design.

The casing of unit is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel sheet and finished with epoxy backed powder paint, resulting excellent corrosive resistance that ensures long life of equipment. The fans are forward curved centrifugal type direct or belt driven. These fans are statically & dynamically balanced before assembly.


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