Electric Baseboard Heaters

EBH Models Series

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-Quiet, Sensible and Reliable Heating
-Take the chill out of your room with Sabro Baseboard Heater.

Sabro Baseboard Heaters give ideal room heating solutions. They require very
little space and are usually inconspicuous. They provide quiet convection heat,
safe and energy efficient. They are also easy to install.


-Easy to install
-Designed for quiet operation, no popping & pinging associated with baseboard heaters.
-Built-in safety thermal cut-off protection
-Recommended for installation on wall at floor level with wall to wall carpeting
-Heaters stand unsupported during installation
-Wall hanging brackets provided as standard
-Light gray/beige polyester powder coating finish on 22 SWG galvanized steel casing
-Stainless steel heating element with aluminum fins
-Unit mounted thermostat
-No major maintenance required

How It Works..?

Electric baseboard heaters are basically zone heaters. These are typically installed underneath windows where the heater’s rising air counteracts the falling cool air from the window’s glass. Baseboard heaters are controlled by thermostat within
the installation space.
These heaters use electric heating elements encased in metal sheaths which are surrounded by aluminum fins to facilitate the transfer of heat. Baseboard heater work on the principle of convection. Air warmed by the heater becomes less dense than cool air and the resultant buoyant effect causes the warm air to rise.. As the warm air leaves the heater, it draws cooler air into the vacated space. Some heat also radiates from the heater’s element and housing. This convection powered cycle will continue until desired room temperature is achieved and then baseboard heater will automatically shutoff.

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