ECJ Series-Split Type AC

ECJ Models Series

Sabro Air cooled split air conditioners ECJ series comprises of two sections

-A condensing unit for the outdoor installation

-An evaporator unit for the indoor installation

Both sections are connected with refrigerant copper piping at site. These units are designed to provide maximum efficiency at tropical conditions. This unit is best suitable for installation in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The wide range of models provides even better choice to select a particular one for all individual applications.

The weather proof design of condensing unit permits their installation outside the building, either on ground level or on rooftop.

The evaporator units are available in various designs;

The outdoor units comprises of following parts:-

Compressor, condenser coil, condenser fan and motor and all required electrical and refrigerant controls/accessories.

The indoor unit comprises of following parts:-

Evaporator coil, evaporator fan and motor and operation control.

Sabro air cooled split type air-conditioning unit (ECJ) is designed for optimum cooling performance. Each unit is completely equipped with standard components and accessories, piped (internally), wired at the Sabro factory and shipped ready for immediate installation. Only the suction and liquid lines to the evaporator coil and control wiring and the main power wiring are required to complete the installation.

Each unit is properly pressure tested, dehydrated, evacuated and pressurized with nitrogen before being shipped.

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