Defense Applications

Sabro stands Tall as main supplier of HVAC Defense Applications

Sabro corporate Islamabad established in 1968, is a world-leader in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems / environmental control systems (ECS), individual crew and equipment cooling systems (ICECS), HVAC of NBC / CBRN protection, life support systems (LSS) and military as well airborne avionics/hydraulic systems.

Sabro develops, qualifies, produces and fields systems and components for a wide range of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles as well as for many other stationary and airborne military platforms. These include main battle tanks (MBT), self propelled howitzers (SPH), armored / infantry fighting vehicles (AFV / IFV), armored personnel carriers (APC), mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP), tactical and tactical support vehicles (TV / TSV), utility and utility support vehicles (UV / USV), rocket launchers, shelters, tents, helicopters and fighter aircraft.

Trolly Mounted Air Cooled Self Contained Packaged Mobile Unit For Pakistan Air Force

Specific air conditioning equipment mobile model is designed to supply conditioned air through a wide range of ambient temperature. The equipment consists of an air conditioning unit with 04 independent refrigeration circuits with relevant electrical controls. The air conditioning unit is mounted on heavy duty mobile chaser for transportation, using tow.
One complete equipment is consisting of:
1. Self-contained air conditioning units.
2. One discharge plenum.
3. Air supply duct
4. Heavy duty mobile chaser
All components are selected to provide long trouble free operation and minimum maintenance.

PDF-logo - Copy - Copy ASM500S-D product brochure

Sabro environmental control unit (ECU)-Especially designed for PAF Radar system

Sabro environmental control unit (ECU) is specially designed for Radar system and like.

The basic design of unit (ECU) is air cooled self contained package unit, electrically operated. The operation of system is controlled with electronic thermostat and humidistat. An emergency switch electro-mechanical thermostat is also provided if electronic thermostat gets faulty or out of order.
All necessary refrigeration controls and regulators are incorporated for high performance to cater all essential needs of precision air conditioning of Radars operation and control.

The casing is made of aluminum sheet and painted with backed powder paint.

PDF-logo - Copy - Copy ECU Model-Especially designed for PAF Radar system




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