DC Inverter Mini VRF Systems-Domestic Applications

DC Inverter Mini VRF Systems

Full DC Inverter Mini VRF (8~26kW)

Full DC Inverter Mini VRF with DC inverter compressor and DC fan motor delivers a highly efficient solution for domestic and small commercial buildings. Four to twelve rooms require only one outdoor unit, and individual control is enabled in each room.

  1. Wide Application Range

The outdoor units’ capacity range from 8kW to 26kW which is ideal for small offices, villas, apartment and shops, making it perfect for commercial and residential application.

Flexible indoor units connection

Mini VRF with intelligent control gives you independent zoning control with maximum flexibility.

A single outdoor unit supports up to nine indoor units, freeing up considerable space outside. Use your backyard more wisely with much more space available created by less number of outdoor units.

Wide operation temperature range

Mini VRF system operates stably at extreme temperature range from minus -15°C to 46°C.

Flexible piping design

The Mini VRF provides a total piping length possibility of 100m, a maximum height difference between outdoor and indoor units of 30m. The height difference between indoor units can be up to 8m. These generous allowances facilitate an extensive array of system designs.

  1. High Efficiency

High COP and EER values

High performance heat exchanger

The new designed window fins enlarge the heat-exchanging area , decrease the air resistance, save more power and enhance heat exchange performance.

Hydrophilic film fins and inner-threaded copper pipes optimize heat exchange efficiency.

The specially coated blue fins enhance durability and protect against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive agents, assures a longer coil service life.

  1. Easier Installation and Service

Easy installation

Easy installation: No special area is required for outdoor units.

Easy transportation: All outdoor units can be transported by elevator, which greatly simplifies installation and reduces time and labor.

The Mini VRF system's indoor and outdoor units are almost as easy to install as residential air conditioning systems, making them ideal for small offices and shops.

Space saving design

The Mini VRF units are slimmer and more compact, resulting in significant savings in installation space.

In some large residential and light commercial areas, such as villas, restaurants, usually it need more than one indoor unit, which in turn requires multiple outdoor units.

Mini VRF system solves this problem, and retains buildings' original aesthetics.

Auto addressing

Addresses of indoor units can be set automatically by outdoor units.

Wireless controller can inquire and modify every indoor units address.

More convenience in installation

A four-direction space is available for connecting pipes and wiring in various installation sites.

More convenient piping connector - branch box

Easier and safer installation thanks to a branch box that simplifies piping work and the adoption of screw connection.

Both left and right pipe flare connection from outdoor unit to branch box is reserved, which greatly simplifies field installation.

Full DC inverter technology

At the heart of our system is a highly intelligent inverter driven compressor. This advanced technology enables the output of the outdoor unit to be modulated by the cooling or heating demands of the zone that it controls. This advanced system ensures precise temperature regulation and highly efficient energy usage, making a significant contribution to the limiting the impact on the environment.

High efficiency DC fan motor saved power up to 50%.

New grill design

Optimally designed fan shape and newly designed grill ensure both safety and air volume.

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