Refrigerated De-Humidifiers

Refrigerated De-Humidifiers(Plastic Body)

Sabro is introducing refrigerated based movable dehumidifier,
which is a continuous physical absorption system of moisture
through air. It helps in maintaining humidity up to certain
desired level. The dehumidifiers are installed in houses,
computer rooms, telephone exchanges, hospitals, defense
purposes as well as for specific commercial use to eliminate
moisture caused mildew, warping humidity discomforts.
All units have humidistat which maintains humidity as per
requirement. The humidistat maintains different levels to
provide the desired humidity comfort. The environment
humidity digital display microcomputer is its distinct feature.
It controls humidity and frost with automatic (ON/OFF) switch.
The buzzer will alarm when water level is full. The humidity will
appear on digital display of main screen.
Compressor has a 3 minutes delay at starting. Time may be
adjusted to increase the life of compressor.
It has safe and reliable casing with compact plastic design.
It has beautiful look and is easy to handle. Gimbals wheel
is installed under body which facilitates its movement.

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