ASU Models Series

Air Cooled Split-package Models Series

Sabro has over 40 years of experience on ASU systems. Modernization & Sophistication of workplaces & industries with massive urbanization has led to a hyper demand for a more holistic approach towards air conditioning. Units that are engineered with bi-dimensional capabilities, possessing the potential of simultaneously cooling & heating, adaptability to different seasons and varied temperature comfort levels of different spaces within single premises.

Sabro Split Packaged units have always remained popular choice amongst users primarily because they are easy to install and allow cost effective maintenance. Air-cooled Split packaged systems at Sabro have been distinctively designed having a great regard of our customers requirement. We at Sabro understand that customers want to save time, money & space all of which have been our guiding design & production imperatives, carefully crafting our Air-cooled Split packaged Units to make sure that our ready-made product becomes your tailored solution.

If required, the units can be provided with reverse cycle arrangements as optional feature.

We are also applying our ingenuity to make our products as environmental friendly as possible, with simple effective control over air conditioning units to avoid unnecessary/unhygienic energy wastage.

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