AHU Models Series

AHU Models Series

Sabro Modular Air Handling units are the unique blend of experience, research and testing in the specific air handling sector. Sabro Air Handling units adapt to all specific requirements allowing different air requirements to be met even in specific fields such as hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and microelectronics.

The use of double-inlet forward curved/backward inclined centrifugal fans allows the equipment to be selected for use in low, medium & high pressure air systems, depending on the project characteristics.

Several options are available for heat exchangers. The most commonly used cooling media are Chilled water, Glycol water and Direct expansion of coolants, etc. Same cooling coil can also be used for heating purpose by supplying hot water in the system. A separate heating coil can be provided on clientele requirement.

The multi combinations of air filters can handle a variety of air filtering needs, from simple impurity filtering to fine filtering, within the limits established by the manufacturer for the filtering/filtered media.

PDF-logo - Copy - Copy AHU Models Series Brochure

PDF-logo - Copy - Copy AHU(Low & Medium St. Pr.)-Catalogue

PDF-logo - Copy - Copy AHU(High Static pr)-Catalogue

All panels of Sabro's Modular AHUs are filled with high density(40 Kg/m3) poly urethane foaming for High-Grade Thermal break Insulation.

PDF-logo - Copy - Copy Poly Urethane Foaming-Technical Catalogue


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