Packaged Environmental Unit

Packaged Environmental Unit With Evaporative Cooling & Diesel Furnace Heating Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Pad 85% Efficiency.

Reduces DX / chilled water cooling requirements for fresh air.

Cuts mechanical cooling costs 25% to 65%.

Provides 100% make-up air cooling at half the cost of mechanical equip cooling.

increases heat exchanger life.

Brings in outside air and exhausts all stale air, smoke, odors and germs.

Helps maintain natural humidity levels, which benefits both people and furniture.

Reduces static electricity.

Does not need an air-tight structure for the maximum efficiency, so building occupants can open doors and windows.

Optional: Mechanical cooling by adding DX coil & Compressors.

Diesel Furnace Heating

Normally the heat exchanger is capable to rise the air temperature to 32°C(90°F).

There special design do not permit the combustion gases to mix in the air and all the time healthy air is supplied to the room.

Indirect fired heating technology is the most efficient and economical than any other heating option such as electric heating and heat pump equipment.

Optional: Mechanical cooling by adding DX coil & Compressors(If Required with both heating/cooling modes).

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