ARC Models Series

Air Cooled Split-package with Remote Condenser Models Series

Sabro Air cooled remote condenser computer Air conditioners Series ARC*** are specially designed for installation in computer rooms and telephone exchanges etc. The unit provides cooling, de-humidification and humidification to maintain the specified temperature and humidity in the space. The unit consists of remote condenser unit for out side installation and Evaporator unit including compressor for inside installation. The outdoor and indoor units are connected through copper piping. The indoor unit is designed to discharge the air downwards, the conditioned air from evaporator unit is then supplied to the area through false floor.

The unit is provided with an electronic controlled, self contained, steam humidifier and an electric rod/finned heater, to maintain the humidity level.

The units are factory tested and shipped under a positive pressure of refrigerant. The field refrigerant piping, field wiring, main power supply, water supply, drain connection and control wiring is required to be performed at site.

If required, the units can be provided with reverse cycle arrangements as optional feature.

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