HVAC Projects & Awards

HVAC Projects & Awards

(Up To 600 ton capacity)

Condominium and awards

Sabro Corporate recognizes-The Key to customer satisfaction is delivering prime quality product, superior customer services, after sales services.

Whether the assignment is to create a new brand, burnish & establish one or leverage of a product at a specific time period, our relentless goal is to add real value to the brand's equity and to be recognized by providing round the clock assistance & support to our valued customers.

In multi-unit residences, Sabro provides solutions tailored to the varied needs of building occupants. This is an ever-changing field in which our personnel are kept fully abreast of innovations to ensure the most advanced and effective system for your project. With thousands of successful installations to our credit, we have a national reputation of being on time and on budget without compromising quality or results.

Our design and installation capabilities take a load off the developer and general contractor. Sabro knows the secrets to keeping the price down and the quality up. For more information about our multifamily HVAC installation services, contact us today;

E-mail: contact@sabro.com.pk

We routinely work on condo, apartment and other multifamily HVAC installation projects throughout Pakistan and Abroad .

Remember, at Sabro your comfort is our priority.

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