Sabro Group of companies is a pioneer heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system company in Pakistan. The history of Sabro corporate dates back to more than four decades of continuous achievements.

It started in the year 1968,when a dream became a reality. Three Brothers laid the foundation for one of the biggest Air Conditioning Company in South East Asia. After forty eight years of continuous efforts and hard work, Sabro corporate stands tall in the field of HVAC.Sabro strongly believes in self reliance hence our corporation consists of following sister organizations which work hand in hand with Sabro manufacture of various products;

S.a. Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd Islamabad.

Sabro Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd Islamabad.

Sabro established the first ever Research and Development facility back in 1986, ever since importance has been provided for the manufacturing of products that posses durability and reliability. Sabro is the first ever and the largest Pakistani HVAC original equipment manufacturer that is exporting to Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Sirlanka, Saudi Arabia, Keniya, Malaysia, Morocco, Bangladesh & Afghanistan.

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Clair-Sterile Air Conditioning For Clean Rooms (Customized)


Sabro-Clair Modular Air Handling units are the unique blend of experience, research and testing in the specific air handling sector. Clair Sterile Air Handling units adapt to all specific requirements of Clean Hygienic air supply allowing different air requirements to be met even in specific fields such as hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and health-care environs.

CLAIR primarily runs in two modes,

1. Fresh Air

2. Re-circulation Air

* Three step filtration system is an immaculate feature of Clair.

Double-inlet forward curved/backward inclined centrifugal fans: The use of double-inlet forward curved/backward inclined centrifugal fans allows the equipment to be selected for use in low, medium & high pressure air systems, depending on the project characteristics.

EXJ-New Stylish Floor standing Model Series (5HP&10HP)


Cooling Capacities:
4.125 Ton/49,100 BTUs

& 8.25 Ton/98, 200 BTUs

-Durable, bake painted, metal body,

-Service friendly, draw-through design for easy coil cleaning,

-Synthetic filter media protected by aluminum mesh and frame,

-Ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications,

-Hidden thermostat avoid public misuse,

-Perfect for high-foot-fall areas & Custom color options.

We Value Your Comfort. Sabro EXJ Series floor standing air conditioners allow you to quietly cool specific areas of your business without disrupting your customers or your design. Explore our collection to find the right floor standing ACS for your office, conference rooms, boutique or hotel/motel.



HVAC Unitary Systems For Diverse Commercial Applications (Customized)

hvac unitary

We have a vast array of products to meet your temperature, humidity and ventilation needs. From self-contained units and split systems to water-source heat-pumps and packaged rooftops; every one is designed to provide cost-effective reliability and comfort. Our units incorporate many factory-installed features that increase system flexibility and reduce design and installation time. And, our unitary system has dedicated digital controls that support intelligent feedback to maximize efficiency by minimizing energy requirements and allowing ongoing monitoring of system performance.

A unitary system combines heating, cooling, and fan sections all in one or a few assemblies for simplified application and installation and are used in most classes of buildings, from schools to offices to retail, particularly where low initial cost and simplified installation are important. Because you should expect more out of your building systems than just hot and cold air, our commercial unitary system features integrated controls engineered to create the best possible comfort environment for your investment.

  • Unitary Air-Conditioner is one or more factory-made assemblies ordinarily including an evaporator or cooling coil(s), compressor(s), and condenser(s) and may include a heating function.

  • Air-Source Unitary Heat Pump is one or more factory-made assemblies ordinarily including an evaporator or cooling coil(s), compressors(s), condenser(s), and a heating function.

  • Single Packaged System is a system in which all components are integrated into one cabinet.

  • Split System is a system in which components are provided in separate assemblies but are designed to be used together.